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September 8, 2021

Thank You for Your Patience!

Like many other businesses and veterinary facilities in our community and across the country, SPCA Florida is currently experiencing severe staffing shortages. Due to this, our Medical Center has had to make some temporary changes to ensure that we are serving our clients and their furry family as safely and adequately as possible. This also means we are unable to safely accommodate as many furry friends as we would prefer, and may have to refer you out to another facility to ensure your pet receives the quality care they deserve.


SPCA Florida's Medical Center will temporarily not be answering live phone calls, however, we will still be accepting voicemails and calling clients back within 24-72 hours. We understand that this may cause inconveniences for some of our clients, and we are deeply apologetic for that. We are eager to get back on the phone with you all! We ask for kindness and patience as we train new staff and work tirelessly to meet each of our clients and pets' needs with the few hands we have.

At the time of check-in, clients who must drop their pets off for procedures or work-in appointments will be provided with direct contact for updates on their pets while they are here at the hospital. At the time of discharge, we will also provide our clients with direct contact, in the event they are experiencing any concerns for their pet post-operative, or after a recent appointment. It is important that these lines are used appropriately to make sure every pet parent can get the updates and support they deserve.


For non-urgent requests or general Medical Center inquiries, you may email us at

August 23, 2021

Update on contacting SPCA Florida's Medical Center

Due to our recent staffing shortages, some procedures will be changing concerning our switchboard and scheduling appointments.


  • If you need to schedule an appointment, please utilize our phone app Petpage. You must 
    register for Petpage with the same email that is on your account in our system. You can download this app from your Apple or Android device, choose your pet’s medical clinic, and have access to your records and appointment scheduling. 

  • You can also request an appointment through the online form at

If you would like to check on the status of a pet in our care, please call or email the appropriate department: 

Outpatient – to check on pets here for pet Work-In drop-off appointments 

Inpatient – For Heartworm treatment, some drop-off appointments and Dental procedures 

  • 863-577-4630 to reach the Senior Outpatient Nurse 

General questions and assistance with non-urgent appointment needs (24-48hr response time) 


For emergency care, please call Veterinary Healthcare Associates at 863-324-3340 or Parkway Veterinary Emergency Clinic at 863-665-3199. 

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