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Our Veterinary Services

We are a full-service medical center committed to providing quality veterinary care throughout the life of your pet. We perform regular exams, vaccinations, microchipping, spay/neuter surgeries, dental care, X-rays, and more complicated procedures. We also have an in-house pharmacy to accommodate your pet's needs.

Medical Center Hours: 

Monday - Friday: 7:30 AM to 4 PM

Saturday and Sunday: Closed

Please e-mail to make an appointment.

To avoid no-shows, there is a deposit due at booking for physical exams, limited exams, and nurse exams, and it will go toward the final payment. 

  • $50 scheduling deposit for Spay/Neuter Surgeries

  • $45 scheduling deposit for physical exams

A bio-hazard disposal fee of $7.60 is required for most services. Additional fees may apply for urgent care and work-in appointments. 

All prices are subject to change without notice.


01. Wellness Package for Puppies and Kitten's First Visit

Puppies and kittens require a series of boosters and vaccines depending on their age. One package equals one series of vaccines for their first visit - follow-up boosters are not included. 

Wellness Package - Puppy: $128.35

Must be between ages 8 weeks to 16 weeks

Includes: First Physical Exam, Da2PPv Vaccine, Intestinal Parasite Screen, Dewormer


  • Leptospirosis Vaccine $24.40 (must be boostered)

  • Bordetella Vaccine $26.75

Wellness Package - Kitten: $120.05

Must be between ages 8 weeks to 16 weeks

Includes: First Physical Exam, FVRCP, Intestinal Parasite Screen, Dewormer


  • FeLV vaccine $32.70 (must be boostered)


02. Dental Exams and Cleanings

Four out of five dogs (over the age of three) have periodontal disease. Dental cleanings and extractions are an important part of your pet's health. Dogs and cats frequently build up tartar and plaque on their teeth. This material is not only unsightly - it harbors dangerous bacteria that can enter the bloodstream and damage organs. This can lead to chronic health conditions, so complete oral care is critical to the health of your pet. ​

If your pet is losing teeth, drooling, has bad breath, drops food, experiences oral bleeding, has a loss of appetite, or shies away from touching near their face, they may have periodontal disease.

Pricing is based on the amount of dental work that needs to be done and ranges based on oral health. 

A physical exam is needed to determine what dental work is necessary. 

A physical exam is $45.

Spay/Neuter Surgeries

03. Spay/Neuter Surgeries

Pet overpopulation is one of the most pressing matters in the veterinary field today. Spay/neuter surgeries are part of the SPCA Florida's core mission, to humanely address overpopulation.


We offer affordable fees and encourage pet owners to have their pets spayed or neutered at a young age to avoid the risk of accidental pregnancy. In addition, spaying and neutering will help prevent other medical conditions such as mammary tumors, perineal hernias, perianal adenomas, and will completely eliminate the risk of pyometra (uterine infection) and testicular cancer.

Puppies and kittens must weigh at least two pounds prior to surgery.

There is a $50 deposit prior to all spays and neuters at booking.


Feline Spays: $144.85

Feline Neuters: $133.40

Backyard Cat Spay/Neuter: $45.00


Canine Spays: 

  • Up to 50 lbs, $204.25

  • 50 to 70 lbs, $218.50

  • 71 to 89 lbs, $232.75

  • 90 to 109 lbs, $248.20

  • 110 lbs or more, $321.90

Canine Neuters: 

  • Up to 50 lbs, $181.70

  • 50 to 70 lbs, $195.95

  • 71 to 98 lbs, $210.20

  • 90 lbs or more, $226.65

Additional fees that may occur 

In heat/pregnant fee, $38.10

If the patient has an enlarged uterus, enlarged vessels, or excess fat, there will be an additional charge, because the surgery will take longer and be more complex.

Abdominal Cryptorchid

Feline, $54.10 per testicle

Canine, $141.40 per testicle

If the patient is an abdominal cryptorchid male (one or both testicles have not descended from the abdomen into the scrotum) and an abdominal incision is needed to perform the neuter.

Inguinal Cryptorchid

Feline, $38.10 per testicle

Canine, $96.90 per testicle

If the patient is an inguinal cryptorchid male (one or both testicles have not descended fully into the scrotum) and a second incision are needed to perform the neuter. 

CapStar, $11.20 and up (based on weight)

SPCA Florida's Medical Center is a flea-free facility. Any patient discovered to have live fleas will be given a Capstar treatment.

Important for all spay/neuter surgeries: Some low-cost clinics do not include pain medications to go home after a spay or neuter, but all SPCA Florida patients are sent home with pain medications.* Dogs and cats feel pain, just like we do, and providing good pain control post operatively is an essential part of surgery. Don't settle for anything less for your pet.

*Cats receive a long-acting injection for pain control after a spay or neuter instead of oral medications.

Does low cost equal low quality?


Not at SPCA Florida.


In order to perform a high volume of spay and neuter surgeries, our process must be efficient and safe. 


Each patient undergoes a physical exam prior to surgery, and all drugs doses are calculated for each patient prior to surgery. 


All of our surgical packs and surgical instruments are sterilized prior to each use. And only sterilized instruments are used for each patient. 


Our staff surgeons are extremely skilled in order to spay/neuter at least 30 patients a day. And our nursing staff has to be just as skilled to safely anesthetize and recover this high number of patients.


All patients are monitored by our trained staff while they are under, and recovering from, anesthesia. Our monitoring includes heart rate, heart rhythm (ECG/EKG), blood oxygen saturation (pulse ox), respiratory rate, and temperature.


Blood pressure monitoring and EtCO2 (measurement of the amount of exhaled carbon dioxide) can also be used at SPCA Florida. However, as most spay/neuter procedures are quick procedures, these two items are usually reserved for longer procedures or higher-risk patients.


Some low cost clinics do not automatically prescribe pain medications for spays and neuters. At SPCA Florida, postoperative pain control is ALWAYS provided for EVERY patient. All patients receive injectable pain medications prior to recovery. All dogs are sent home with medications for pain relief, while cats are given long-acting injections for pain control.  

04. Laboratory and X-Rays

SPCA Florida's full-service medical center has an on-site laboratory that allows our staff to diagnose pets quickly and begin necessary treatment. Please be aware that some conditions will require sending samples to an external lab. We will make every effort to ship these samples quickly and have results as soon as possible.

The center uses digital X-rays to uncover pets' internal ailments. Whether it's discovering a foreign object through high-definition digital X-rays or exploring the possibility of a broken bone, the state-of-the-art equipment and skilled staff are ready to give a quick and accurate diagnosis for your pet.

05. Prescription Requests

We understand there are many reasons our clients may want to purchase medications from online retailers or outside pharmacies instead of directly from SPCA Florida’s Medical Center. We want to assist in making informed decisions for your pet, and recommend that products and medications be purchased through accredited pharmacies only. However, if you choose to purchase medications from another pharmacy, we want to give you that option.

SPCA Florida’s Medical Center is changing our protocols for outside and third-party prescription requests, so we can spend our time focusing on our patients and clients instead of answering faxes and calling pharmacies. Reviewing medical records, ensuring proper documentation, and calling or faxing the prescription take a significant amount of time. Also, we feel it is better medicine with written documentation of a prescription that is filled outside our hospital. There are concerns about the possibility of prescription errors when relaying information over the phone, and written prescriptions minimize the risk of errors and misunderstandings.

We understand that cost can also be a big factor in choosing an outside pharmacy or online retailer. We do our best to make our medications and preventatives affordable and we routinely compare prices to online providers, to make sure our prices are competitive. Most importantly, by purchasing directly from us and our online pharmacy, you support SPCA Florida.

We absolutely support our client’s right to choose where they obtain their pet’s medication and are happy to accommodate a request to do so by providing a written prescription that can be picked up at SPCA Florida’s Medical Center during normal business hours. Please allow two business days for the written prescription to be authorized once the request is submitted.

We would like to encourage our clients to order medications and preventatives directly from us or through our online pharmacy. Please visit our online store at to see our current offerings. Our online store is part of our hospital’s infrastructure and you will not need a written script if you order this way. The medications purchased directly from us and the online store are guaranteed by the product’s manufacturer, and most importantly, by us - your pet’s veterinarian.

Thank you for trusting us with your pet’s medical care!

Labs and X-Rays
Online Pharmacy

06. Online Pharmacy

We would like to encourage our clients to order medications and preventatives directly from us or through our online pharmacy. Please visit our online store at

June 2024 Promo Codes: 

  • Save 17% on entire order - Use Code: APPRECIATION
    (Valid 06/4/24 - 06/17/24) Valid for one-time purchase through our online store. Compounded Medications not included. Other restrictions apply.

  • Save 16% on entire order - Use Code: 16SUMMERTIME
    (Valid 06/18/24 - 07/1/24) Valid for one-time purchase through our online store. Compounded Medications not included. Other restrictions apply.


Dogs and cats are just like humans - they need vaccinations to remain healthy and to keep potentially fatal diseases away. They also need boosters to keep the vaccines effective.

Many vaccines can be given to pets as young as 6 weeks old. Talk to your veterinarian about setting up the best vaccination schedule for your cat or dog.


1-Year Rabies Vaccine: $23.25

3-Year Rabies Vaccine: $23.25

Bordetella Vaccine: $26.75

Da2PPV Vaccine: $32.70

Leptospirosis Vaccine: $24.40

DHPP4l Vaccine (Leptospirosis and Da2PPV): $38.10

FVRCP Vaccine: $29.70

FeIV Vaccine: $32.70

Download the Recommended Vaccine Chart for your information: 

Additional Services

08Additional Services

Physical Exam Fee, $45 with an appointment

A bio-hazard disposal fee of $7 is required for most services

Additional fees may apply for urgent care and walk-in appointments. Please call ahead for availability.

Prices Subject to change without notice

  • Anal Glad Expression: $29.70

  • Dewormer: Starting at $19.05+

  • Heartworm Test (4Dx Snap): $57.75

  • Intestinal Parasite Screening: $40.60

  • Felv/FIV Snap Test: $55.30

  • Leptospirosis: $62.55

  • Microchip: $25.00 

  • Nail Trim: $33.90

  • Physical Exam: $45

  • Nurse Exam: $20


09Comprehensive Surgery

SPCA Florida offers comprehensive surgical care. Our staff is committed to the health and well-being of your pet. We offer a range of different types of surgeries. Below are the most common surgeries performed. 

Soft Tissue Surgery

Many types of soft tissue surgeries are performed at SPCA Florida, including but not limited to:

  • Gastrointestinal - to remove foreign objects from the intestines or stomach

  • Genitourinary - surgery of the bladder, kidneys, or genitals

  • Splenic, liver, and gall bladder

  • Mass removal - cancerous masses or tumors can occur anywhere in the body. Please schedule a consultation to discuss removal.

Radiology 1_250 wide.jpg
Radiology 2_250 wide.jpg

10. Travel Health Certificates

We are now offering travel health certificates to our community!


Locations we are offering for health certificates: 

North America

South America - Considered International 
Central America - Considered International 

Puerto Rico 

Dominican Republic - Considered International 


Cost for Health Certificates: 
Domestic Travel - $80.00 

International Travel - $150.00

**This is just the certificate, the physical exam, the certificate and any of the requirements for the location they are traveling to will be separate charges.

Don't know the requirements of the location you are travelling to? Go to  You can input the destination of travel and get the list of requirements that we will follow, and it will be emailed to you as well. 

Travel Health Certificate appointments are on Thursdays only. Please call to make an appointment.

What Our Clients Say

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Screenshot 2023-05-16 132835.png

Arianna A.

Dr.Ingrid and her team were literally God send! They put so much care into the time they spend with you. I had come here because I couldn’t afford to help my fur baby at the vet clinic I was currently going to. Their quality of care is amazing and affordable. They truly care about the patient and your budget and will work to help you out where ever they can. All the staff even remembered it was my birthday today. I went from having to think about putting my dog down to having a happy healthy dog that acts like she’s a puppy again. Dr. Ingrid went above and beyond to help us, to the point where she personally called the pharmacist well after the clinics closing hours to ensure that my doggie has the right medicine. We are truly grateful for Dr. Ingrid and her team

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