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How Old is the Kitten?

Newborn Kittens have their eyes closed, their ears folded, and they are unable to stand up. They are also unable to keep themselves warm, eat on their own, or eliminate waste. They rely on mom for everything.

One Week of Age: The kitten's ears will unfold and their eyes may start to open. 

Two Weeks of Age: The kitten's eyes are fully open and they're taking a few wobbly steps.

Three Weeks of Age: Kittens interact with each other and are able to move around much better.

Four Weeks of Age: Kittens are sturdy on their feet and playing.

Five Weeks of Age: Kittens burst with energy and play with enthusiasm. At this age it's important for them to interact with people - this helps them avoid fear of humans in the future.

Kitten bottle feeding 550 wide.jpg

Starting at Five to Six Weeks of age kittens use the litter box and eat cat food. They still like to visit mom for comfort and a snack. They are growing more skilled and adventurous, exploring the world and learning about it. Socialization is very important.

A kitten's eyes change color at around nine weeks of age.

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