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July 12, 2022

If yes, we apologize for not being able to take your call.

We understand how important it is for your pet to receive care.

We receive over 1,000 calls and 400 e-mails weekly, in addition to 400 voicemails. We have 4 representatives to assist you, versus the 8-member team we had pre-covid. We are working diligently to hire and train additional medical staff.

if your pet is sick or experiencing urgent or emergency symptoms such as continued vomiting or diarrhea, labored breathing, active bleeding, animal attacks, not urinating, broken limbs, active seizures, or any other abnormal symptoms and you have not received a return call, we suggest that you seek care with an emergency hospital or other veterinary facility.

Your pet's health is our #1 concern.

Thank you for your loyalty and support while we rebuild our teams. We will continue to strive for the excellence you expect from us!